ISIS has sent you a friend request…


A terrible incident occurred yesterday in Sydney – a man held more than a dozen people hostage in a cafe as he tried to enforce his extremist beliefs. Although such incidences have unfortunately become commonplace these days, there were some key differences that I noticed about this incident.

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How to find a social media expert?


Last week, Kathy Caprino shared a LinkedIn post on how to tell an expert from a fake (‘’Be Careful Who You Admire and Trust – They May Be a Complete Fake’’). I could really relate to the content of her post, having shared some similar experiences. For example, in summer I was invited to be part of an expert panel on the topic of workforce engagement and the role of social media in internal communications. The event attendees included people from corporate communications, marketing, research and social technologies. Following the event, one participant reached out to me for a follow-up phone call with questions regarding the topic that was discussed that evening. Naturally, I was happy to oblige and share any additional insights that I could.

After discussing a series of questions relating to social media use in companies, I enquired about how this information was to be used. The answer, however, took me by surprise – the person intended to start a company that offers digital marketing services, but with no prior experience or knowledge in that area. ‘’It seems like a good area to start a business in, as it is currently in trend and many companies are looking for services in this area’’, she said.

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A salute to the silent ‘social media’ heroes…

I consult for a large banking client and spend several days a week at their offices. Several ladies work at the reception – fairly older, cordial and kindly – monitoring visitors, parking and security of the front entrance. Each morning and evening, … [Continue reading]

Keep calm and leave your comfort zone!

A few years ago, I resigned from a good position at a management consultancy. The position was interesting, secure and provided opportunities for me to work across various topics and industries in the region. However, after becoming a mother, my … [Continue reading]

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which social media channel is best of all?

During a recent lunch meeting with a new contact, we went into detailed discussions about the pros and cons of social media, as well as its potential value for business. ’’It has little value in my industry, we gave it a try and it didn’t work. We … [Continue reading]

Social media just for marketing? Think again…

In 2007, I had the opportunity to start working with social technologies. At that time, I worked for an international insurance company in the internal strategy team. Our team was asked to assess new media and social technologies to determine its … [Continue reading]

LinkedIn vs. Xing – which one should you be using for business?

In 2003, two of the most popular business focused social networks were founded - LinkedIn in the US and Xing in Germany.  Both social networks share similar objectives – to connect businesses and people in a professional setting online. These … [Continue reading]

Top Swiss Athletes On Twitter

In the past, athletes only needed to concentrate on training and improving their physical performance. Relatively successful athletes could score lucrative product endorsement deals, providing them further visibility in the sporting and marketing … [Continue reading]

How to become a ‘social’ CEO in Switzerland

Over the last couple of months, the topic of ‘social CEOs’ has been vividly discussed. As social media increasingly integrates into the business environment, the issue of whether C-level and executive management should actively participate in social … [Continue reading]

Event Summary – Business Strategy and Social Media: Strengthening the Ties

When is a business actually social? What does it take to firmly embed social media into a company's business strategy? What are the most common stumbling blocks when social media goes corporate, and how can they be overcome? These questions and more … [Continue reading]