LinkedIn vs. Xing – which one should you be using for business?


In 2003, two of the most popular business focused social networks were founded – LinkedIn in the US and Xing in Germany.  Both social networks share similar objectives – to connect businesses and people in a professional setting online. These similarities have left many business users wondering which channel to use or maintain, and if they need a presence on both. [Continue reading]

Top Swiss Athletes On Twitter

Athletes3 - Copy

In the past, athletes only needed to concentrate on training and improving their physical performance. Relatively successful athletes could score lucrative product endorsement deals, providing them further visibility in the sporting and marketing arenas.

Today, the sporting industry is very different. Social media has ‘disrupted’ the sporting by enabling sportspersons to take control of their own image and public presence. Fans now have direct access to the athletes and athletes in turn are able to share more about what motivates them, their journey to victories (and disappointments), as well as their personal lives, directly with fans. Athletes are now using social media as a way to build their personal brands. Sports as an industry has a certain lifespan, and building a strong brand or following could help carry an athlete well into retirement.

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How to become a ‘social’ CEO in Switzerland

Over the last couple of months, the topic of ‘social CEOs’ has been vividly discussed. As social media increasingly integrates into the business environment, the issue of whether C-level and executive management should actively participate in social … [Continue reading]

Event Summary – Business Strategy and Social Media: Strengthening the Ties

When is a business actually social? What does it take to firmly embed social media into a company's business strategy? What are the most common stumbling blocks when social media goes corporate, and how can they be overcome? These questions and more … [Continue reading]

5 ways to engage on social media that works

So, you have created a Facebook company page for your business and have a decent number of followers. You have created a Twitter ID to share public corporate information and industry updates, as well as set up a YouTube account to publish videos of … [Continue reading]

The impending storm – managing brand reputation risks

It’s a normal day in Zurich city. Your high-end luxury goods store is bustling with activity as usual. A woman walks in and asks to see one of your products on display. She encounters a ‘situation’ with one of your staff and leaves quietly. You … [Continue reading]

Secrets to LinkedIn’s success

Last week, I watched Bloomberg TV’s coverage of LinkedIn. The show took a look Inside LinkedIn to find out why the company has developed into the largest professional network in the world with more than 225 million users. The show also explored how … [Continue reading]

What’s the future of business? Meeting Brian Solis

I love London! The buzz of the city, its rich culture and fantastic food are definitely my cup of tea. So when I heard that Brian Solis was scheduled to appear on 12th July at the B2B Huddle in London, I was quick to register. It was a ‘double wammy’ … [Continue reading]

Social media case example –

This morning I had a Skype interview with the Customer Engagement Manager at, Chantal Sukel. Eurail will also be one of the case examples to be included in the Social Media Strategy how to guide book that I am writing, in collaboration … [Continue reading]